Modified Fusion 360 Post for gSender / CNCjs

I modified the post processor for Carbide for Fusion 360 to make it nicer to use with gSender / CNCjs for people manually controlling their spindle speeds. You can download the post processor from:

There is a new option in the Post Processor that you have to enable to get pauses for spindle speed changes:

If you enable this option, the generate gcode has pauses added in that will prompt you to turn off the spindle or to turn it on at a specific speed setting like:

As one added bonus, at some point in the future when gSender displays the toolchange comments in the toast message, you’ll also get more information about the tool (tool number, description and comment field instead of just Txx):


I’ll give this a shot later but what is really needed is a spindle dwell command. Someone has posted one before that included the dwell added.

That would be fairly easy to add. Did you say someone did that already? If so, do you have a link? Either way, if I add it, can you test it?

Sure I’ll test it. I believe it was @neilferreri

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Pretty sure @DiscoJon was using mine. Feel free to dig into it. I haven’t had much need to change it in a while. The last changes I made were all related to machine configurations and simulations, but don’t affect the gcode for Shapeoko.

I made a quick change to add a dwell after a spindle change. If you want to test it, it’s at:

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