Modifying a tool

Hello everybody,

I’m a new user of Carbide Create 3D V6 (Build 623, 64Bit, Windows).

I’ve watched videos about how to duplicate and modify your own tools in Carbide.

I can do that, but when I try to modify a tool, SW stays in the screen were you make modifications and “included angle” value is highlighted, but greyed so that I can’t change the value and clicking “OK” doesn’t close the window.

What I’m doing wrong?

Hi @JouniM,

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Can you upload a screenshot of the screen where you are stuck ?
What type of endmill did you create and try to edit ?
Are you using a comma or a dot in numerical values ? Do you have any issue beyond the tool database menu to use numerical values in e.g shapes dimensions or toolpaths ? If so it may be due to the fact CC is not quite fully internationalized, and “.” must be declared as the decimal separator (the way to do this depends on whether you are using Windows or MacOS, see this thread for the Windows example)

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Thank you,

It was the region settings. After changing decimal separator to “.”, it works…

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