Modular joinery system for blind miter fingerjoint boxes

The Holy Grail of CNC joinery (to my mind at least) is a joint which:

The closest thing at this time is a blind miter fingerjoint:

(still working on a void free joint idea, but the math and geometry are tough)

Wrote up a bit on this at:

and here is the base file for 1/4" thick stock which is 3.5" wide:

all joints_0_25_x_3_5_sawnlid.c2d (672.6 KB)


I’d like to try this in a hexagon shaped box…

Yeah, additional angles are something I’d like to look into — but there is an interaction between the V endmill angle and the angle of the joint — a 60 degree endmill would be needed for a hexagonal box — we’ll have to see, may have to wait until I master the math necessary for the other joinery technique I have in mind.

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Wrote up how the joinery/parts are adjusted (basically one goes into Node Edit mode and drags):

Next up is exporting G-Code and cutting the file twice.

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