Molding cutout profiles in VCarve Pro and Inkscape

I’ve been looking at producing molding to frame signs and other projects. In Vacarve, you create or import a molding cutout profile to incorporate it into your project.

I’ve been looking at where to get these cutout profiles and found a source for PDF and DXF files. I can’t seem to be able to import them directly so I tried Inkscape and while I can open the files, they appear very small in a corner and I have to expand them. Unfortunately, in the process, the line width gets magnified too just like a bitmap.

What am I doing wrong in Inkscape? How do I get it to open with the correct size graphics?

Has anyone else imported molding cutout profiles in VCarve? How did you do it and where did you find these profiles.

When you’re scaling in Inkscape, the four icon toggles to the right of the dimensions in the toolbar (at least on my screen) change how things scale:

The first is whether or not to scale the stroke widths when resizing. The second toggles scaling rounded rectangle corner radii. The other two are related to gradients and patterns.

To scale the size without changing stroke width, deselect the first. To get DXF files to open the right size in Inkscape… Well, for my workflows, I don’t even bother trying, and I’ve been elbows-deep in the DXF code looking around. I just import, then scale.

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Thank you so much, I use Inkscape once in a while and there are so many bells and whistles I am not familiar with.

Well update, I tried again to import the DXF directly into VCarve and it worked flawlessly I don’t know why it did not work the few times I tried before. I guess I restarted the app since and may have fixed the issue so I don’t need to go the Inkscape route this time.

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