Monitor Upgrade

I recently had the opportunity to use a 32" monitor and although it was a bit of a blow to my 7th decade ego I found it easier to see what I was doing.

I checked Craigslist and by chance there was a new Asus 32" monitor (model va325h 1920 x 1080 resolution) for $100 It was an easy decision and the new monitor was soon installed.

I still make simple projects but now when using Carbide Create and Vetric V-Carve Desktop it is a much more pleasant experience.

A (sometimes) stubborn old guy :slight_smile:



You have to use the tools available to you. I am 67 and have been having trouble with blurry vision later in the day. One doctor thinks it is related to sugar levels and another doctor seems to think it is related to stage 1 cataracts. All I know is it keeps me from working on projects when I am most productive and even with a 55 inch TV I cant do fine work later at night.

If your big monitor works then great. The ability to adapt is an important thing. The reality of getting older is you have to make changes or you will not be able to do certain things. You can still do the things you love if you change the way you do it.

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