Monthly purchase price for Carbide Create pro

We have heard from different videos that you possibly can purchase the pro 3d version for somewhere around $15 per month any truth to that we are interested? We just purchased a Onefinity woodworker X50 to be delivered sometime Dec. this year. We are operating with Mac so thought your software we be the best.

The CC Pro page mentions $120 a year (or $360 perpetual license), but you can email for confirmation.

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$10 a month when you break it down.

It’s $10/mth; but there is no option to buy it monthly that I know of. You need to pay the full 120 each year to get updates as I understand it.

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Thanks thats still better than $700 for other brand ware

That’s why I said when you break it down. Not bad at all.

I would be interested in a pay monthly option. I know that it is more paperwork/transactions for Carbide3D but I would have an easier time justifying the cost broken up instead of all at once. I know in relation to everything else it is a small cost but when we are just getting started it can be a big outlay.

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We agree, would make it more affordable especially when you live on retirement income>

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