"Moral Compass" Project

This is a “moral compass” I made as a gift for my brother. The compass was ordered on Etsy and was one of the few I could find that could be supplied disassembled so I could replace the compass rose. They engraved the wooden box and top of the compass for me.

The brass was 22 ga. sheet from a sample pack I ordered from onlinemetals.com.

The artwork was done mostly in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator, although I had to mess with it a lot to get it to load properly into Carbide Create.

Once that was accomplished it was pretty simple to engrave on my Nomad.

The finish was “Black Magic” from Sculpt Nouveau that I applied for about a minute, rinsed off and then wet sanded.


That is VERY cool!!

Thx for sharing!!

That is an awesome idea and you executed it beautifully.

Now I kind of want to make something similar but with the symbols from the Golden Compass. Hmm…

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