More Brand Logos

Made a couple signs for work. Jacobean stain on top looks great after carving.

Carve, stain, carve looks a bit worse.



I think I’m gonna save the darker one by painting the letters white. I’ll leave the topography raw pine to contrast the dark stain.

What if you went with a deeper start depth create a boolean around the words and pocket around the topo basically inverted of how you have it And paint it black paint the words white and border burned?

Help me understand what you mean by boolean. That word must mean something else to me.

Not a CNC question, but how did the owner of this brand not go with “Troutfitters”?


Boolean logic is the addition, exclusion, or subtraction of binary systems.

For 2 or more dimensional areas it allows one to:



or Subtract — note that this has two possibilities depending on which is the key object (indicated by a dashed highlight)

Subtract w/ rectangle as key object:

Subtract with circle as key object:

A similar command w/ more control is Trim Vectors:

which allows selective removal, but which will require using the Join Vectors command after if a closed geometry is desired:


Reminds me of “Dunder Mifflinfinity.”

Thanks Will. Used that feature a ton but never looked at the name. I’m gonna make the smaller letters more bold and it’ll probably work itself out.

Thank you! Everyone in the whole project has pushed for that but it’s been vetoed from the top. Your comment gives me more ability to troll my boss. Unfortunately clothes is ordered with the other name so the debate is over.

White paint makes it legible at least.


I have used Boolean many times but it was always try this or try that and eventually get done what I wanted. Your explanation filled in a lot of blanks. Thanks

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