More control over tool path?

Is there a way to modify a toolpath in Carbide Create? I am flattening a piece of black locust and I want to cut only with the grain of the slab. I use a pocket toolpath which wants to do a spiral around the slab. This leaves a nice finish with the grain, but awful tool marks in the sections that go across the grain.

Is there a way to force it to do a raster pattern instead? BTW, I’m using a #201 because the cheap 1" fly cutter I bought was leaving burn marks, even at 10,000 rpm.

in the pro version there’s an engrave toolpath that lets you do this…

it’s slightly quirky on the sides but I’ve used this to surface aluminum to get the best finish

The only way to control this in Carbide Create is to draw the geometry in:

duplicate it and join it and edit as necessary:

then manually assign a toolpath:

surface_slat_pro_xxl_origin_front_left_0_001mm.c2d (12.2 KB)

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