More easy UX requests for the next CC

  1. Simple UI request: Provide a Cancel option when creating a toolpath. Currently OK is the only option…so if I make a mistake in selection, or change my mind, I have to accept the toolpath, then right-click to delete it. Much easier to just hit Cancel.
  2. Path request: Remember the path for the last SVG import - or provide an option to set the SVG import path default. Currently, it doesn’t even go to the same directory as the file open…it starts in an installation directory.
  3. Upon importing a file, reset the view to show the entirety of the imported file and the canvas.
  4. Provide a shortcut to reset the view (CTRL-0 is what Photoshop uses, CTRL-SHIFT-A is what LightBurn uses)

#2, #3 and a variant of #4 are in the next beta.


Thanks! Of course, you know I’ll ask, “Why not #1?” I would think it’s an easy one. Just a cancel button from a dialog.

We’re trying to only make changes that are in the core application code right now. Changing anything that lives in the abomination that is Qt/QML right now (the pane on the left) is going to be low priority because we’re looking to eliminate all of that code and more to native Qt code as soon as we can.

We want to forget that we ever heard the letters Q-M-L strung together.


Ah…got it. The remnants of a failed attempt at easy cross-platform development, eh? OK…I hope you get to the rewrite sometime soon, because that panel is as much fun to use as it is to maintain!