More Information Added to Toolpath Tab

In Carbide Create toolpath tab. it would be nice to have a second line in the name that would have the following:

  1. The tool selected.
  2. The start depth of cut.
  3. The max depth of cut.
  4. Offset direction.

“OR” a grid could be added to the right of the toolpath name and it would include this information.

I know that these things can be added right in the name of the toolpath, but sometimes these get changed but the description does not get changed.

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Maybe the info could just appear on the tooltip/bubblehelp popup rather than take up two lines in the tooltip list?

I use the toolpath name for this.

Pocket 00 to .25 with .25 em.

ADV 60° and .25 EM. 00 to .125

I include tool, but not depth in my name.

When refining a cut I change both a lot and change the name to match. If the info were dynamically updated it would save a little time, but ultimately a nice to have.

Just my opinion.

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