More on 80% Lower Receivers

Hi All,

I promised this update about one year ago, so apologies for the tardiness.

I am attaching a Vimeo link to Part 1 of my description on the setup and use of tooling from CM-Tactical for use in finishing 80% lower receivers. If you should happen to visit my previous thread (Finishing 80% Lower Receivers), you will notice that YouTube has pulled the content because of their use policy. I have updated that thread with a Vimeo link containing the same video, and I am using Vimeo on this thread as well.


For those that are sending me PM’s about product availability:

If I understand correctly, the moderators here on the Carbide3d community site allow us to mention product availability as long as we do not publish direct links. In that spirit, I’ll mention that the CM-Tactical folks have a bit pf purchase information available if you follow the video back to the Vimeo site.

Rob and Will can correct me if I misunderstand this.



It would be fine for you to provide links to folks when they ask via a PM.

Other folks posting the links in this thread would probably be okay, just so long as it doesn’t get blatant.

Your posting a complete text string which has the correct Google, “I feel lucky” search results should be okay as well — we just don’t want the direct link posted by someone who would benefit.

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I just got a note from Ken at CM-Tactical. He tells me that their website is up and should be operational. I checked it as far as adding a fixture to my cart (but didn’t try to complete the purchase). Everything seems to be working for those interested.

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