More stainless steel

Was so fascinated that my first try I stainless when so smooth so I jumped on a new challenge. This time I have been inspired by another member @RichCournoyer to make my own watchcase.
Right now I’m in the process of finding good settings. Have got some milling done but it’s not without some oops.

The material is 4404 stainless/316L

![image|375x500](upload://gdFAi5nRLPBlumeT2iCl8W65wsN. jpeg)


Looks amazing, thanks for the mention too.


Rough Milled a new piece today. Dont know how to fixture it for the finishing. Probably going to do softjaws for the vice. At least it’s within spec :).


look at those chips :slight_smile: make me happy, this is amazing work, is a soft jaw vice, a vice that holds your piece of work that you machined specifically? I hear this term but not sure what a soft jaw vice actually means or is / ?

p.s. looks like a nice chunky watch i love it!

:blush:, yes it’s the jaws to the vise that’s milled specifically to the part.