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It’s me again. I’m trying to take another step in learning and need help again. This is my logo I created and I am going to cut it in a neat looking rough edge slab I recently picked up. I have done a pocket toolpath to cut away material around most of the logo. I then want to (I think, if I’m doing right) cut around the saw blade, the inner saw blade curve lines, around the words clean edge and the rectangle box under the blade representing the table. If I’m thinking through this right, this would be like a “detail” pass around the stuff that the 1/4’ end mill can’t do. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this correctly and make things look right and get all the correct detail. I have programmed it with a 60 v bit. My second issue is the larger rectangle at the bottom with the words “woodworks”. I want to v carve those letters, but I have not figured out how to V carve letters and make them have straight lines across the top of the letter when it cuts, it leaves more of a V at the top instead of cutting it straight across, does that make since? So I have programmed it with an 1/8" end mill pocket, but it’s not really what I want. Have I explained this enough to get some help? I used 90 dergee V on this.
Basically, how to run a v bit around stuff for a detail pass and how to properly Vcarve letters and get true letter outcome. Thank you!
Clean Edge logo sign.c2d (227.6 KB)

Please see and

OK. I am trying that, but getting rounded tips on the blade and not sharp points. ???

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