Most efficient hose/adapter for Dust Deputy to a Suckit?

My new Ridged shop vac hose fits on the Dust Deputy with no adapter which is awesome. My current hose adapter for the Suckit does not fit well, is hard plastic and has cracked the housing and both need to be replaced. Also I need a vac hose with a ground wire, my current solid plastic one is a dust magnet!

Can someone share a link for a properly working Suckit hose adapter please,or share your Dust Deputy to Suckit parts list?
Thank you!

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After seeing this posted last night, I thought for sure someone would have chimed in by now. I dont run the small boot from my suckit, but I have one laying around and a couple adapters from different manufacturers. Let me take a look at some and I will reply back soon with my findings.

This has been working great! I also got the coupler that works great too.

Ok, after some fiddling I found that my 4" to 2 1/4" adapter made by Powertec fits well.

It has a slight taper to the 2 1/4" section that allows it to fit tightly, soooooo…

I can only assume this adapter, which is similarly tapered, will work for you:

and it looks like it will work with the dust hose above, which people seem to like a lot.

Sorry I posted the wrong link this is the 2.5" hose
and here is the coupler
I used some tape around it to give a tighter fit.

Wow thanks so much guys, you saved me a lot of screwing around trying to find out what fits!
I really appreciate the help!!

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