Most Efficient to complete this project?

I have created a project in CC and am wondering if this can be fine-tuned to be more efficient.

Any input in this regard? Currently in CC this totals 3.5 hours.

Rebel Insignia Sign.c2d (720 KB)

I do not run PRO CC. even though rest machining would help immensely.

It looks like you have an Outside Offset that defines the region for the ‘Inner Frame Pocket’. It’s big enough that it takes a long time for the V Bit to clear it, but not big enough for your 1/8" Pocket Tool to clear it.

So, either make that offset bigger (so the 1/8" tool can do most of the work), or make it smaller (so the V Bit doesn’t have to do as much work.

If my calculations are right, then the minimum outside offset you need is .0722 inches, based on a 60 deg bit and a cut depth of .125 inches.

Rather than faffing with that, I think just using an offset like .3 would be easier, and let the 1/8" bit do the work.

You need to double the offset you think you need, since you want the flat of the valley to be at least 1/8". Again, if my calculations are correct, you need an offset of at least 0.269 to have enough room for the 1/8" bit to fit.

I deleted the offset and selected the whole design and the rectangular border and did an advanced Vcarve.

1/4 clearing bit 150 minutes
1/8 clearing bit 179 minutes.

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