Motion v3.0c - Location of 5V Regulator IC?

Hi all,
Ive been through a lot of resources found searching and I understand that Carbide wont/hasnt released schematics for the motion boards. The info ive been able to find is mostly for v2.4 or earlier boards.

I am trying to adapt my Stepoko machine to work with the motion v3 board so I can simply use things like Bitzero and setter. I was running an xPro V5 with FluidNC previously. I received the shapeoko 4 control board and the 24v power supply from Carbide3D. It seems like I received a DOA board. The 24v regulator shows ~24.4V on input leg, ~24.05V on output. My next check was for the MCU power supply but I cannot easily ID this chip.

Instead of randomly probing bits on the board, can anyone provide a location, chip size/marking, etc. of where to look for this 5V reg IC? I’m guessing its the issue since none of the 5V pins on the board show voltage.

Normal checklist:

  • PSU is switched on on the pill rocker switch
  • Board seems to be getting 24V in
  • No recognition via USB by PC, carbide-supplied drivers are installed
  • No LED fuctionality - no power LED, or probe/limits are lit
  • upon receiving the board, i put painters tape on the back side to minimize chance of short


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