Motion V4 beginners question on bit change AFTER zeroing

I am probably not understanding something but why would it pause to change bits AFTER doing the zeroing? Why would you not use the bit you will cut the with to do the actual zeroing?

That is an artifact of this code being more for the Nomad which has a tool length sensor.

Just view it as a check on having the correct endmill.

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This “tool change” message box that CM displays is extremely confusing at first, I wish they would update the message. As you realized, it’s really not expecting you to change the endmill at that time, which would be crazy since you zeroed just before, but it’s kind of a reminder that should read something like “did you install the right endmill and zeroed ? Right, now is your time to start the router. Then click OK to start cutting”.

Thanks for the reply and clarification. Certainly made me think I was doing something wrong.

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