Motor failure causing abnormal movement

I’m going to open a support ticket but I figured posting here would also be helpful

I just finished a small vgoove job when the device was moving to the job complete position and something did not sound right.

I tensioned the belts and checked everything else but I could see during initialization one side was not moving at the same rate which caused the gantry to jerk a tad.

Video 1
Jog with abnormal sound/movement

Video 2
side 1, no movement, device powered on

Video 3
side 2, movement, device powered on

My guess is the motor shown in video 3 is bad and should be replaced. If anyone has an alternative theory, bring’em on.


Saw your ticket in the queue and responded there.

Do you or a friend have a multimeter?

Yes, I have a multimeter.

Connections from the board to the final connector have been verified

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Please power down and swap the Y1 and Y2 connectors at the controller, then power up and attempt to initialize — this will make the Y-axis move backwards — does the problem swap sides? If so, it’s probably the stepper driver chip on the controller.

Power down and put things back and let us know at and we’ll get this sorted out.

Y1 and Y2 swapped and it did initialize backward.

The problem persists.

For orientation sake, it’s the left side of the unit where i see the issue. As you can see in video 3, I am able to easily push on the gantry and move only that motor. when the unit is moving towards me, I can see just slightly that the right side is a tad ahead of the left which causes some of the noise.

Happy to test some points with a multimeter if needed.

Let us know about the specifics of all these tests at and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.

Worked with support to get this sorted. Turns out it was a bad cable for one of the Y motors. Support was awesome in helping me troubleshoot and get a replacement cable prior to the long weekend.

Thanks, Cardbide3D!!


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