Motor Molex Connectors

I have my cnc in the corner of my garage, and I am trying to move all modules towards the front of the table since the back right corner is unaccessible.

Ideally Id create an extension with a female and male molex connector rather than splicing the wire longer even though its more expensive.

I was able to find the molex connector for the switches, but not the motors. Support did not have this information available. Can anyone share the part numbers please? Gauges for the wires and pins would be helpful aswell.

Thanks in advance!

Every connection made is another chance for potential failure. Would it work if you solder and shrink sleeve?

That also adds potentional for failure. Reason why id rather have connectors is to be able to revert to previous state if it doesnt go according to plan without any down time.

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Sorry, i shouldve been more specific. The connectors that go into the controller (warthog?). It is an 18 pin connector.

Am I supposed to assume the connectors are of the same series? Ive found the 22 pin switches connectors, but differently keyed on the female connector i ordered. Just trying to look for more guidance. Tia

No, the SO3 information is all that I am aware of, hence my jumping to that as a solution.

Looks like molex Mini-fit Jr 4.2mm to me. No guarantee.
Newark 56H7763


I got this one, but didn’t find the other one.

Guess I should have added thanks for showing me the one I was missing.

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I noticed that the contacts are actually mismatching between tin and gold on the switches connections. Might be issues down the line due to corrosion. @WillAdams

If you need to replace a Carbide 3D part with an equivalent part let us know at and we’ll work out how to handle that.

If this is a problem with an unofficial add-on post a photo here and hopefully the community can assist.

Molex Mini-Fit Jr 4.2 mm on the motors, Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 mm on the switches, I believe.