Motor pulley set screw question

I recall reading a while back that the flat part of the motor pully shaft is meant to be aligned with one of the 2 set screws. I was watching my pro xl run a job today and noticed it looks like on the left side motor pulley shaft, the flat part is in between the 2 screws. I havent noticed any major issues with cutting but i assume I should probably fix this? And whats the easiest way to go about it? Many thanks.

Loosen the set screws, rotate the pulley, re-tighten set screws.

…and if you can’t rotate the pulley on the shaft, then don’t worry about it too much. The whole point is to prevent it turning, after-all…

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So if the pulley is stuck that means it WAS loose and shifted. So it will likely come loose again. Remove the pulley and smooth the stepper motor shaft.

The maintenance kits have extra pullies so if you dont have a maintenance kit why not? The maint kit can save you.

The pulley may still work but removal of a stuck pulley may destroy the soft aluminum pulley.

Use a sharpie to draw a line from the center of the shaft to the outer rim of the pulley. If the lines move out of alignment you need to address it, if they stay aligned do nothing!