Motor Spindle Stops mid project, drags, starts and stops, you can hear winding down [VIDEO]

Hi all,
Not sure if anyone is experiencing this but I finally got around to cutting my G4 water block adapter and boy am I glad I did a test cut on acrylic. For some reason during the last pass where it’s supposed to cut out the actual adapter, it keeps on getting stuck at random times. I have posted a video showing you what happens. Sometimes it’l cut and not get stuck, other times it’ll stop. Anyone else experiencing this? I can also audibly hear that the motor speed is also slowing down, in Carbide Create it’s set at 9200RPM.

I decided to let the project go to completion (probably a bad idea thinking about it now), and the edges are all jagged.

The video above is the first round, I initially thought it was the plastic cover at the top so I did a second set without the protective cover and same exact issue. During the last pass, about 45 mins in, it always get stuck at random times and you can hear the spindle slowing down right before it happens. @ApolloCrowe any idea?

The video is stretched in chrome but works fine in Safari. It was a portrait video.

Files from my other forum post:

What tool are you using?
What feed rate?
What is your plunge rate?
What is your depth per pass?


I’m using Carbide Motion. I exported the G-code from Carbide Create for Carbide Motion. I pretty much used your Carbide Create file and only adjusted the start index from Center -> Lower Left, everything else was left.

For the last outside run it had the following parameters:

depth per pass: 0.254mm
stepover: 1.422 mm
Feedrate: 254.000 mm
Plungerate 25.4 mm
RPM 9200.00

I couldn’t find a trend to the stops, it just happens at random times sometimes during the plunge, sometimes in the middle of the pass as seen in the video above.

Somethings wrong,…
We can skpe with you Monday, can you let us know when would work for you to take 5 minutes?

Please attach the Gcode and C2D file.

I just received my Nomad pro today and i did a test cut and am experiencing the exact same issue as this gentleman have. I am just cutting a circle on a piece 1/8 acrylic. the spindle stop and start while cutting. I have already sent email to support. This machine not even a day old. Anyway I hope support can help me asap.

I am having the same issue how was this resolved?

Please contact and we’ll get this sort out as quickly as we can.