Mounting bit setter on a linear rail

It seems that I cannot get the bitsetter to be in a location that can do all my bits. From 1/16” to 2”.

So I have been leaving it a little loose and sliding it back and forth when needed. The issue is that this has induced some z axis errors with bit changes.

So I was thinking that it could be mounted on a Linesar rail or two.

Any thoughts?

Wouldn’t you need to go and reconfigure the bitsetter location in the Shapeoko config when you moved it?

Do you need both bitsetter locations in the same job (subject to the config issues above)?

An MGN9 or MGN12 sized rail is pretty cheap if you want to try one.

The issue is the button on top is not large enough. For the tip of the cutters to touch when using larger bits.

I have it set so the tip of a v bit barely touches. This works for all my 1\4” and smaller bits.

For larger bits I need I move it and light up the cutter with it while it’s moving down. So I leave the settings for it’s location alone.

The issue is in order to move it the set screws have to be loose enough we’re it can rock a little. He to the offset of the button the rock changes height. Pushing firmly against the tail helps but not perfect.

That’s why I’m thinking of I put one or to linear bearings on the frame and attar he the bit setter to it, it should solve my problem as long as th rails are perfectly parallel to the machine axis.

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Try adding a solid washer to the top of the bit setter button that is wide enough for your big bits? Use the painters tape CA glue trick to hold it in place and make sure it’s centered on the button.

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