Mouse for Fusion 360 that wont break the bank


Could you please recommend a mouse to use with Fusion 360, that is not so expensive?

The ones I have been able to find are >$150 USD…

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Almost any mouse will work with Fusion, even the cheap mouse that came with my Lenovo PC works.
It can be a gaming mouse or vertical mouse, even a trackball will do.

What you should prioritize when choosing a mouse is comfort, nothings worse than a mouse that you have to strain your fingers/hand using it.

How you adjust the speed and acceleration of your mouse also help minimize fatigue.

What features do you need? I just have left button, right button, center scroll wheel, and scroll wheel click. Probably just $20-$25 at BestBuy (Logitech) or included in laptop purchases (Dell). I do prefer corded mice, by the way. Are you talking about a tracking ball setup?

I’d agree.

I have a cheap 20 year old Dell optical two button plus scroll wheel basic USB mouse, it’s fine.

I also bought a 3Dconnexion Space Mouse which is one of the funky multi-axis pan zoom rotate magic mice. It took me a couple of months to build up the motor skills to use it properly and it’s nice to use. Now that I have it I would prefer not to be without it but it’s certainly not essential.

This is my recommendation. A Razor Basilisk V3. I have used the V2 model before, it lasted two years of hard use till the bottom wore through the slider pads and still worked.

I am currently using the latest Alienware mouse, it has held up well, but the matching keyboard has keys popping off, with broken side clips from typing normally lol.
Lots of options out there, but a high resolution wired gaming mouse will yield the best results I would think.
Best upgrade for Fusion 360 is a big 4k or higher resolution monitor, assuming the video card can handle it.

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Putting in my vote for Logitech g600. It has a whole numpad on the thumb side which you can program shortcuts to. I think it’s like 40 bucks now.

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I use the Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball, that’s less then a hundred bucks, and it’s rechargeable
For a 3D mouse, I hit up Ebay for the two Space Explorers that I use, (one at work, one at home) they can be found for around 100 bucks on ebay.
For my laptop, I went full send and bought a new wireless Space Mouse,That’s ove your 150 dollar limit.

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