Movement of grid pattern on screen

I’m new to Carbide Create and I noticed that when I zoom in on the grid pattern with my mouse wheel I begin to loose view of my project pattern.

Seems there would be some way to grab hold of the grid pattern and move it on the screen so you can bring your project back into view. I do not find a hand tool anywhere unless it hidden. When I click on tool to recenter the screen I loose the zoom in.

Your thoughts or advise please!

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I agree, seems there to should be a way. If there is, I haven’t found it.

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With the absence of panning, I’ve noticed if you click in a drawing region you want to keep “relative” in your view, then zoom in that general region stays relative.

Yes. As jimidi said, it zooms based on the location of the mouse pointer. Move the pointer to the area you want to zoom into and use the mouse scroll wheel. It should zoom in at the point you have the mouse. When done with that area, use the “resize screen” button at the top to zoom back out to see the entire project.

When trying to zoom into an area near the edge, it helps to actually put the pointer under the area you are wanting to zoom so that area is moved up as it zooms.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys. I’ll check it out this evening. Ive been exploring the software while I’m waiting for my Shapeoko 3 to arrive.


Hello, I am also new to Shapeoko and Carbide Create. I have found that if I zoom into an area I can then right click and hold button down and move the grid around and the image together with the mouse. Has saved lots of zooming in and out trying to get to the spot I need to see up close. Hope this helps.

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