Moving an XXL-not toom to room-state to state

So, after months of health issues, surgery, recovery, life ,and seemingly everything else getting in the way of using my XXL, now we are moving… (you can’t see it, but I am shaking my head, ending in a facepalm…)
Anyway, I am getting ready to move and feel like I need to dismantle my XXL to keep it from damage in the move, any thoughts?

A relocation company will be packing up most of the household, but there are things they wont touch, I don’t know which side of that fence the XXL sits on.

I’d leave it assembled and ask them to move it. It’s smaller than a sofa…

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If you still have the box, I’d disassemble it and put it in the box and not worry about it.

If it’s assembled, I’d still consider disassembling it.

If you ship it assembled you’ll want to zip tie it in place at one corner, protect the rails, and I’d still worry about a sudden jolt breaking a V wheel and resulting in the V rail getting dinged.


They may not move it-it seems like they only want to handle easy things of used Ikea value…no appraised value antiques, no heavy tools, no valuable intricate tools, it seems like if you can’t buy it new on Amazon for less than $500 they don’t want any part of it. Ad then you get to the things you were pretty sure they wouldn’t move…
I hate moving.

I don’t still have the boxes-didn’t expect to move…the thought never crossed my mind, but here we are…
I figure it would probably be easier to move without damage taken apart and apropriately and carefully nested. Since the instructions have improved, squaring it up from the first bolt couldn’t hurt either. An ounce of prevention or a pound of cure.

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I moved last year and used movers, but moved the XXL myself. Fortunate for me I only moved 20 miles away and I have a truck. What I did was center all of the axis’s, wrap the extrusions in cardboard, zip tied everything in place so it couldn’t slide around. Had my sons load it into the back of my truck and made a special trip to the new house to unload. It’s a pretty heavy/large machine, definitely takes two people. If I had to make a longer distance move I’m not sure how I would have done it. I still wouldn’t have trusted the movers, even though the ones I used were really good, it’s just an odd thing to move and would take up a lot of moving truck space unless you can find a way to stacking it on top of another really large piece? One thing I had going for me is that I bought my new house 3 months before the lease was up on my rental house, so I had time to make these sort of single large item moves, did the same with my mini lathe and several other shop tools…let the movers deal with the house stuff.



I disassembled my XXL myself and put it back in the original box. If something gets damaged while it is assembled it could affect way more than just one piece of your machine. I did not pack the MDF spoil boards in the box, I wrapped those to save space in the box because everyone knows you can never get a box packed just like it was packed from the factory!! LOL Good Luck!


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