Moving Part within the stock

Hi, I was wondering if there was a simple way to move the part within the stock. Some objects load on an angle which is pretty in efficient and wastes a lot of milling time. I’d like to make the stock a little longer and wider so the part will lie flat and then I could decrease stock thickness.I know you can center x and y in stock setup, but I am not sure how to do what I want?


Seth, in the stock definition dialog enter your actual stock size and click Lock Stock Dimensions and unclick Center X and Center Y. Then you can enter one X margin and one Y margin, and MeshCAM will adjust the other margin given the fixed geometry and stock sizes.

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Okay, thanks I’ll give it a try.

Hi Randy,
I posted a Pic of what I’m talking about. You can see the MeshCam set my part in stock that is over an inch thick. The part itself is about .5" thick. When I change the size of the stock widening the x, and y and shrinking the Z I cannot set the part flat so it fits inside the stock. See below .5" stock would be sufficient for this part but I cannot straighten out the part. Thanks for your help!

Where did you draw the part? This looks like it is off axis in the STL you imported. Put it parallel to an axis in the drawig program before exporting it, and this won’t happen.

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That worked! I guess I’m use to 3d printing programs, like cura where you could just manipulate the part after it’s uploaded. I really appreciate it, Thanks!