Moving shapeoko 3 xxl

I plan on moving my shapeoko 3 xxl from my basement out to my garage. Are their any recommendations or experiences with moving it as a whole? I’d really prefer not to disassemble completely. Has anyone removed the mdf and moved their machine?

I wouldn’t remove the MDF — it helps to prevent the machine lozenging (corners getting bent to make a diamond) — just zip tie the carriage and gantry in place at one corner, tilt it up on the edge the carriage/gantry are closest to, pick up up (w/ the help of someone able to lift the other half) and carry it carefully where it needs to be.

Then, check it for squareness, but it ought to be fine.

I moved mine last Spring from old house to new house 15 miles away in my pickup truck. As Will stated I zip tied everything so it couldn’t roll around, but first I wrapped my X/Y rails with cardboard, then zip tied over those(probably not as necessary for an in house move). Anything that can move secure, but not up against the limit switches, center and tie. If it’s not too much of a hassle then remove your router as well. Definitely a two person job. Resquare when done.


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