Moving Shapeoko XXL

I am moving houses and am temp storing my machine. What is the best way to load this thing up safely without damaging it? TIA.

Ideal would be to disassemble and place back in the original packaging.

A reasonable compromise is to remove the carriage and gantry (separately) so that there’s no possibility of an impact breaking V wheels resulting in the bolts gouging the rails.

Some folks just zip tie things in place and move carefully — that may work for a short distance, but I wouldn’t chance it.

So the answer depends on where you are going to store it and for how long. At a minimum remove the router. The router is heavy and has a lot of leverage. As Will Adams suggested taking the Z carriage off would be a good idea and not too hard to reassemble later. Since the XXL is so big it would tempting to store it on its end and not flat on the ground like you use it. You should store it flat like you use it. The frame is steel but just sitting flat the middle sags so leaving it leaned up against something for a period of time might get a permanent bow in the machine.

So remove as much weight as you can and hope for the best. Keep it stored flat with the router and/or Z carriage removed. it is tempting to lift it by the Y rails. Try your best not to lift it by the Y rails and lift it from the base of the machine.

The other suggestions are all correct and terrific.

If you want to wing it, I put my XL in the back of my Land Rover on a bed of foam rubber, fully assembled, and drove for 70 miles to bring it home. It’s still fine. Testimony to a reasonably good machine :slight_smile:

I bought my xxl and xl used and put them in the back seat of my 4 door pickup. I did remove the router due to thier weight and leverage. Traveled fine and worked fine when I got home. My earlier comments were about storing long term and not just a move.

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Good point. I’d assumed travel was “load this thing up safely” was travel related and neglected it might be just storage.

Thanks everyone. I think the disassembly version will be my best bet. It’s going to be potential long term storage.

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