Moving the shop and shapeoko- best practice

Moving to Texas, and will need to move my shapeoko- Plan on taking off the router and securing the movement of the x & y bearings. Just going to be the bed and rails with the controller secured , no computer. Any other recommendations. going by commercial mover? If somebody has done this before I would like to have some insight form their experience. Tom

Welcome to Texas. Where are you moving?

The official recommendation is to disassemble into the original boxes.

At a minimum, the recommendation is to remove the X/Z-axis carriage from the gantry, and then remove the gantry — this will ensure that none of the V-wheels will be damaged — wrap up/box everything as carefully as you can.

Make sure that you keep track of all the parts, esp. the power supply.

I think I hear Cher singing now…“If I can turn back time…”!
My boxes are long, long gone.

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