Mt. Baker using Carbide Pro

I’ve enjoyed learning to use the Pro version. This was my second project using Carbide Pro features.


Did you fix your model top issue? Amazing btw

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Hiked Baker Lake last weekend!


what media did you use to carve out the relief map. Plastic, wood, resin?

I can see that it is quite accurate from the view out of our window on a clear day.Lets hope it doesn’t blow its top again or you will have a before and after shot. You must live close by. I am across the border in Canada.

I made a maple block of wood by clamping two 1" pieces together. Maple was a great medium to work with. The the grain lines kind of look like contour lines plus it routes very well with no chip out.

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Are you going to put finish on it at all?
I do like that the grain looks like the elevation lines.

There is a walnut base and the topo is maple. No stain. I used a lacquer to make it easy to clean.