Mt. Baker using Carbide Pro

I’ve enjoyed learning to use the Pro version. This was my second project using Carbide Pro features.


Did you fix your model top issue? Amazing btw

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Hiked Baker Lake last weekend!


what media did you use to carve out the relief map. Plastic, wood, resin?

I can see that it is quite accurate from the view out of our window on a clear day.Lets hope it doesn’t blow its top again or you will have a before and after shot. You must live close by. I am across the border in Canada.

I made a maple block of wood by clamping two 1" pieces together. Maple was a great medium to work with. The the grain lines kind of look like contour lines plus it routes very well with no chip out.


Are you going to put finish on it at all?
I do like that the grain looks like the elevation lines.

There is a walnut base and the topo is maple. No stain. I used a lacquer to make it easy to clean.

Where did you get the topo from?

There are a number of places to get topography data from. Easiest process though is something Winston covers in a video:


Some links on this sort of thing at:

1 Like is also awesome; that generates an STL directly from maps


I used:

I plan to look at the other one that was posted. I’m always looking to find more intuitive sites to use.


I’ve used the one that Winston mentions. All of the others have the sunlight casting shadows. Which if your doing a grey scale image, causes massive craters on one side of the mountain. Seems like a major texture issue to me.