Multi-layer Carbide Create "Advanced V Carve"

I was going to submit this to @Julien’s contest however I licensed the original SVG so I wouldn’t be able to post the original source files.

The multi-color original was

which I turned into multiple layers of each being a V-Carve with a max depth, and then I cut it out with a 1/4" regular bit (#201) and a 60 degree V bit (#302) on a 12"x3"x0.25" piece wood

The details worked out amazing:

real bridge:

just to show the scale, adding a quarter:


Is that a piece of padauk, I see? Great idea to set the skyline to different depths! And the detail on the bridges :heart_eyes:!!! And I wouldn’t worry too much about the license or having to post the actual file. I encourage you to submit it with a detailed write up and no cut file as I am sure it would be accepted.

I’m afraid that @fenrus has the right of it — unless he has licensed the copyrighted artwork so as to allow legally sharing it, we can’t allow it to be posted.

My bad, Will! I was trying to encourage the contest submission sans any cut or design file more so than breaking any law. I feel like a detailed write up on the process would be enough for the contest from what I think @Julien has been saying.

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I’d bet this is why rules get written in the first place. :smiley:

@fenrus I was planning a “layered” project, but I thought the only way to do it was with actual layers of different wood. You’ve showed different. +1

According to @Julien

If you want to protect the vector design itself by not sharing the file, but are willing to provide LOTS of details and pics about how you created that project artwork, include screenshots, provide info on the settings you used etc…, I’ll certainly consider making an exception and validating the entry (but then you accept the implicit rule that I get to make that call :slight_smile: )

Me just all up in here with my “feel”

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I stand to my word that if you do do these things @Microwave_Monkey referenced (provide details, screenshots of the design file, or anything that might help people understand how to create something similar themselves), you can submit it to the contest and I’ll validate it even if you don’t provide the vector.

You’re halfway there with this thread, just copy and paste it in the contest section, add details about your feeds and speeds and how you managed the multiple v-carve layers, and you’re good to go.

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