Multiple 3D pass?

Can I run another 3D finish pass after the initial rough and finish to use a smaller bit over a selected area ?

For example…

  1. Use offset vectors to create a larger outline of a selected area that has already had a roughed and finished pass.
  2. Duplicate the initial 3D finish pass and choose to use the selected area only (that was created from the offset vectors).
  3. Change to a smaller bit and run the pass.

In the simulation this seems to work, but I haven’t tried running it yet because I was wondering about the starting bit depth. In the example above, because I duplicated the finish pass, I would assume that the bit would start running at a depth the same as the initial finish pass (somewhere below the zero point). If in the same example I duplicated the roughing pass instead, I would assume that the bit would start at the top of the stock again (or the zero point).

Has anyone tried this yet?

Yes. This is actually the best practice, esp. if using a tool which has a reduced cutting diameter relative to the shank.

Ahh, good. Thanks for the info.

In simulation it also seems to work by just creating a shape (circle, square, etc…) around the area you want to use a smaller bit on (instead of the offset vectors). I haven’t tried cutting either one of these examples out yet, but i may try it out on some wood later today before I go onto the real project which is silver.

thanks again

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