Multiple drill sizes on one PCB

Hi all,

Been milling some simple PCBs with the Nomad and very impressed. Outstanding finish and pretty good accuracy.

Is there a way of getting Carbide Copper to read the T1,T2 etc… commands from my drill file to drill different holes different diameters? Not sure if this is a common requirement or not but I need to fit a 50 micron pitch header which has much finer pins than the rest of my through hole components, so could do with being drilled with a smaller bit.

Any help would be appreciated!


Although Carbide copper has potential, it’s lacking in features. I’d recommend looking at FlatCam.


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We just had the same question here and doesn’t look like it will.

Assume you could edit the gcode file, or at least what we’re talking about doing next, although at this stage because it’s a much larger hole (bolt goes through it) may just drill by hand since the bigger hole doesn’t need high accuracy.