Multiple part milling

Hey all,

Model: Fusion

It’s one long piece of stock. And due to bed size, I’m flipping it around and doing each side.

With each side, I tell Fusion that stock size is half-length of what it actually is. This seems the easiest way to only do half (with a little overlap in the middle).

However the first side Fusion doesn’t know that there is stock outside the programmed stock size, so it rapids into the material.

Is there a way to designate milling half the model with an awareness of the stock?

Many thanks.

I’m doing the same thing at the moment.

You can use a selection to contain the toolpaths on many of the CAM operations and still tell Fusion about the full size of the stock.

If draw a box in the sketch to indicate the area you want to contain to you can then select it, the key is to read the help on the Tool Containment bit for tool inside, center on or outside boundary, here’s mine, I’m selecting the features rather than a general box but you get the idea

And here’s the contained adaptive clearing path

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Thanks Liam for the amazingly fast reply.

I’ve just tried that and it does exactly what you say, however, I’m now getting stock collisions being reported in simulation. So it seems to know the stock is there but decides to crash into regardless?

I turned on stock contours and that seems to stop the collisions. Thanks again, Liam.

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No problems,

If you have any more trouble, if you export the f3d file and zip it you can post it here for us to take a look at.

Good luck

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My approach would be to enter the full stock and then create a second setup with a different origin and mark the second setup to use stock “from preceding setup”. That way fusion will wont crash into ‘second half’ stock during the first half. You then need to constrain the stock on the operations so it doesn’t try to machine the areas out of reach.


Thanks Jason, I want some overlap, to cover tolerances (stock or setup errors). So I did two overlapping sketches and used them as machining boundaries. It seems to work well.

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