Multiple parts on Nomad

Is there a way to skip the tool change between parts? I’m running 100 parts on a Nomad 3 and it asks for a tool change and touches the probe for each run. I’m only using 1 tool. It takes longer to probe then to run my engraving, so I’m trying to save some time.

Oh, Nomad, I was about to say to turn off the bitsetter, but that would be for the Shapeokos.

My Nomad probes twice on the start of the job. Once “just because” and then one in response to the M6 tool change.

You can probably remove the second tool change probe by removing the M6 (tool change) line from your gcode file.

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It’s built in to the Carbide Motion software. If you use an alternative G-code sender you can skip it but you’ll have to deal with probing manually (tool changes mid-job will become a bit more painful).

I ended up deleting the m6 from the gcode file and it works well. It doesn’t do either of the probe touch offs at the start of the run.

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