Multiple Toolpaths/Tool Changes in Same G-Code File Possible?

I recently picked up a Sainsmart 3018 ProVer in an effort to start learning and creating in the world of CNC. Currently, I’m trying to keep things pretty basic by sticking to engraving and milling small wood projects. To that end, I decided to try basic Carbide Create for my CAM software and UGS to run the machine.

For initial test cuts, I’ve created simple projects with contours and pockets (shapes and text) and have been fairly pleased with the results. I can see myself going deep down this rabbit hole…

When creating a project that requires a tool change for different toolpaths, it seems I must save the G-Code for each tool/toolpath as a separate file (disabling all but one toolpath at a time). When I tried to save the G-Code with multiple toolpaths active, UGS cut the first toolpath ok, raised the spindle, and went into a hold - but never shut down the spindle to allow a tool change and re-zero of the Z Axis. Is there a way to do this without having to save each toolpath as a different G-Code file?


Unless your machine has a Bitsetter function like Shapeoko/Nomad no.

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I am not sure if this answer is appropriate for you or not, but if I understand correctly, you need to do a bit change.

There is a solution that I have never tried, but I think would work.

Better than a touch probe? How to change CNC router bits - YouTube