Multiple tools from one setup in Fusion 360

What i’m going for here is to be able to switch Bits for different tool paths. I have everything set up in Fusion for the different tools on different paths, but when i run the program, it only stops between paths for me to change spindle RPMs, not for swapping out tools. I have the Bit setter also. Is this doable? or do i just need to export separate setups for each bit?

Can you provide a screenshot of your Carbide Motion settings page? Also do your tools in F360 have different tool numbers?

What post-processor are you using ? If you select multiple toolpaths in a F360 setup, and they use different tools (i.e. tools with different numbers, as Kyle mentioned), and post-process, the generated G-code file should contain the appropriate “Txxx M6” commands that will trigger the tool change sequence when the BitSetter is enabled.


Just got around to playing with this again, and you are correct. Even with the tools named differntly they all had the number “1”. So i renumbered them and boom it worked. Thanks for all the help.

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And be careful with the numbers, if you go over four digits you get an unexplained fail when you post process the job with no useful errors in logs or anywhere else.

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