Multiple Windows on MacOS

I’m sorry to repost, but the discussion was closed after a couple of responses appeared to be solutions. My request was for CCP to support multiple concurrent windows. A couple of posted responses do, in fact, provide a mechanism to create multiple instances of the application (on macOS). However, I cannot find a way to cut and paste from one instance to another, which was the original reason for my request. I just bumped into this problem again in the context of a 2-sided carve, requiring some mirror image work. Exporting SVGs could help with figures, but I’m not confident they would register accurately enough. Layers might avoid keeping separate front and back files, but they can be visually and workflow challenging. So, I’m asking again that support for multiple concurrent windows be considered as a new feature.

Carbide Create doesn’t use the normal pasteboard mechanism. You will need to either write out an SVG (they will register if you place an element along the bottom of the Stock – - I just put a rectangle at 0,0) or .c2d file to import.

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On a few occasions I’ve thought it would be helpful to have multiple project tabs available within the CC window (e.g. browser tabs) to copy/paste between multiple projects more quickly than copy-close-open-paste.

As @WillAdams pointed out to me in another thread this does not work for 3D but for 2D I realized that I can import one C2D file into another and then grab the geometry thatnI want from it. It also brings in some toolpaths that you may not want though that have to be cleaned up.

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Thanks. All of the responses offer useful work arounds, coming close to solving all my needs. It just seems to me that cut and paste across multiple windows is basic functionality for such an application. I do not intend to demean CCP. I truly think CCP has a unique and well-conceived user interface and an amazingly short learning curve. CNC is just my hobby, but I’ve tried many other CNC modeling apps and I keep coming back to CC, particularly after V7.

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