Mustard lasering

Interesting tip for folks using lasers (on their Shapeoko, or Ortur)

It’s been suggested that cutting oil can be used to improve acrylic milling finish quality, so who knows, maybe ketchup will turn out to be the next big thing in CNC :upside_down_face:


But, he doesn’t really seem to understand why this addition makes it engrave stainless.

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When these things work, aren’t they caused by the underlying chemistry? The ketchup gets converted into an acid when lasered which is held in place by the surrounding ketchup which then etches the material.

A similar process would be to coat w/ wax, then cut that away w/ a drag endmill, then etch using salt water electrolysis.


“Give me a chilli dog with the works”

“Would you like laser induced mustard plasma with that sir?”

But the guy clearly states that he couldn’t “laser etch” it without adding the mustard which then he was able to “get into the metal deep enough” to etch it.

Most likely he’s just carbonizing the mustard on the surface of the metal.

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