My 1st 3D carving. :-)

After nearly a year trying to produce a successful carve here is my result.
The receiving person and myself were very please and happy.

Thanks for the open conversation in this community.



Very nice. Now quit horsing around and get busy on another one. :racehorse:


Looks great. What is the board for? Hanging ribbons? My daughter is super into horses so I am finding various projects for her and the stable related to that.

Looks fantastic! A whole year? Wow!

Thanks Brandi for your comment.
Yes, I was not constantly trying, I did other type of projects.
The delay in capturing the how to do 3D, was that I did not properly set the base value when importing the picture to get the 3D effect each time I was trying. The 3D looked ok until the time to apply the tool path… Now the lesson is learned and going from here…


Thanks for your comment Cullen
The board is multipurposed, board is protected with food grade oil and could be use for cheese, cold cuts… or hung. A key hole is in the back to accommodate hanging for deco.

Thanks Guy.
You’re right, now trying to convert pictures (mesh) into a 3D carving.

Well, it’s amazing. I would have been holding my breath through the whole thing! Lol!

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