My 3D modeling aproach

This is how I QUICKLY model my friends faces, and CNC carve on the Shapeoko.
It took me years to learn this on my own, even though it’s VERY simple with the right programs, so I thought this might help someone else who wants to machine human faces, or body parts.

123 Approach to 3D Modeling of Humans and Faces for CNC.pdf (2.4 MB)


Could you use the software and method to make a bobblehead of yourself? I have lots of questions but I thought I’d ask the most basic one first.


I bet you could. It’s made to be proportionate, but if you could separate the head from the body, then you could scale one or the other, like in the Vectric example where the head is clipped from the body, only you would import both sides of model, instead of it cutting off at Zero plane.
You would have to import the same model twice. Once for the head, and again for the body, or use any old body for the head.

Thanks Jerry, When I get back to cnc’ing (multiple projects on the house currently) maybe I’ll be able to place a head onto that grasshopper. Saved your tutorial, thanks again, Jude

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Looks fun! Thanks for sharing. Just got my machine this week so I have a lot to learn .

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