My Arcade Build

(Todd Holaday) #1

I’ve been using my XL for about two years now. It’s been a transformational tool for me. I love it. Last fall I decided I wanted to try something with a raspberry pi and found the RetroPie project and an arcade build by “I like to make stuff” Youtube channel. I made a prototype which I have in my office and then redesigned and am building 4 at once. The XL is particularly useful for replicating the marquee, control board, monitor bezel and some small parts. Photos attached. Free plans for anyone who wants to try this.IMG_2259



Great job!!! I would like to get the plans for this.


(John Ellenberger) #3

Same here. Have worked with Retropie but would love to do a nice enclosure.


(Tony Leonard) #4

I would appreciate the plans as I am very new and would like to try this.


(Michael) #5

If you haven’t already check out Carbide 3D’s project sharing site

Here is the file page link.
Looks the same, don’t hate me if it’s not… lol

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