My Arcade Build

I’ve been using my XL for about two years now. It’s been a transformational tool for me. I love it. Last fall I decided I wanted to try something with a raspberry pi and found the RetroPie project and an arcade build by “I like to make stuff” Youtube channel. I made a prototype which I have in my office and then redesigned and am building 4 at once. The XL is particularly useful for replicating the marquee, control board, monitor bezel and some small parts. Photos attached. Free plans for anyone who wants to try this.IMG_2259


Great job!!! I would like to get the plans for this.

Same here. Have worked with Retropie but would love to do a nice enclosure.

I would appreciate the plans as I am very new and would like to try this.

If you haven’t already check out Carbide 3D’s project sharing site

Here is the file page link.
Looks the same, don’t hate me if it’s not… lol

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Just saw this reply. Not sure if you are implying I used someone else’s work. This was my own design, not stolen or copied from any other site. I tried looking at the link you attached but it apparently no longer works. I’ve built six of these now and continue to modify the top display panel and the control panel to accommodate various control arrangements for the various emulators in RetroPie. I’m sure a lot of other arcade enthusiasts have made their own as well. I was introduced to the topic by the youtube channel, I like to make stuff. He had a video series on an arcade he made.

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Nobody said anything about you using somebody’s design? CUTROCKET is CB3D File Sharing site… You had three People that liked your build and wanted to do the same. So I linked them to a similar project design with plans. Link does work just fine, just tried it. Perhaps share more for those who were interested.


Sorry Mike. Totally misunderstood. I didn’t realize what cutrocket was about. I will take advantage of it, thanks for sharing.

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