My best option for this image file

I have been doing well at design lately and having lots of help from on here.
This image however is giving me issues. I cant seem to get all of this to trace properly :frowning:


You want to find a better quality original, or a vector version.

There is an SVG of the Eagle head at:

and here’s b/w DXF:

and here’s a vector version:

Hang on for a walk-through.

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We download and open the Adobe Illustrator file from the latter link in Serif’s Affinity Designer:

and export it as an SVG which can be imported into Carbide Create:


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We then download the original pixel image and place it on the background for reference:

Then we import the SVG:

and adjust its size and placement to match:

Then we edit and adjust things to remove what is not needed, duping where necessary and using Trim Vectors:

Where there isn’t geometry, we try tracing:

Delete what isn’t necessary:

and then drag it in place and re-size:

and then edit it to adjust:

delete what isn’t needed:

Then edit and adjust to join/line things up:

Note that the multiple colour representation results in some redundant/overlapping geometry and this will need to be taken into account when making toolpaths.

Attached as a v7 file.

philadelphia_eagles_logo_v7.c2d (352 KB)


Wow that looks so good!
Thank you for the lesson. Learnt a lot yet again!

Hey @WillAdams,
Again, thanks for the perfect tutorial.
I had a mishap with the Philadelphia letters and had to re cut a couple. I didnt pay much attention but after it was done the letters had actually changed font.
I chose what i thought it was and did it over again, wrong.
Would you happen to know what font 'Philadelphia ’ is in?

I believe that text is set in Memphis Extra Bold EDIT or Museo Extra Bold.

Here it is separately:


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Your my boy Blue!!!

Thanks again @WillAdams

The eye is a marble :slight_smile:


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