My Dewalt router just stopped working

Hey Shapeoko world I just had my Dewalt DWP611 router to just stop working the light still come on but the spindle part of the router isn’t working anymore has anyone else had this problem HELP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

Probably one of the two speed controller boards bit the dust…at lease it came with a 3 year warrantee. Dewalt spent $109 fixing my $99 router…and 4 weeks to repair it. Good luck.

thanks for the info OMG

Are you machining metal? (You need to use a filter to stop metal chips from getting inside)

Is the router in a unvented enclosure? (They can over heat)

No I am not machining metal I have only been cutting or machining wood and it is not in a enclosure it is in the open air so it is well ventilated. I just got my machine on September 3 should there be a warranty on the router

@Blackwoodwork It could possibly be the brushes. This happens to mine after 100-150 hours of use, LED’s light up but it doesn’t spin. I’ve had to replace mine a number of times now. I now keep a bunch of spares. Here’s a video that shows how to replace them…

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A little more watchable:

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Same thing just happened to my Dewalt router. I’ve been using it since November - barely 2 months. What is the recommended workaround? I would hate to have to wait weeks for Dewalt to fix it.

The brushes are pretty easy to replace, it really doesn’t need to go back to Dewalt to have them changed.

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Thanks. Just ordered replacement brushes. Just seems like this shouldn’t happen after barely 2 months of ownership.

Depends on what speed the router runs at and how many hours you run it. It’s a router, not a spindle…it’s intended to run when operated by hand - 100 hours of by hand operation of a router is a LOT of routing. 100 hours of using it is a spindle is not nearly as many projects. From what I understand, ~100 hours on the lowest speed is about what you can expect. The alternative is to use one of the many spindles available instead.

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I’ve used it for about 5 sign projects, a few hours each. Again, just seems it should not crap out 2 months into my purchase.

At what dial setting?

Please let us know the specifics at if you haven’t already and we’ll see what we can do to sort this out.

1-2 - I’ve been working mainly on soft woods. Granted some projects have taken several hours, but that seems common from what I’ve been reading on the forum.

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You should get about 150 operating hours out of a set of brushes. Some people swear that if you put a sock over the top of the router to keep dust out you can significantly extend the life. I havent tried it.

Received the new brushes this week and changed them today. XXL is back in business. I’ll put the brushes on the list of routine maintenance around 100 hours or so. Thanks for all the info and assistance.