My DIY nomad 883

Hello, I am Marko. I enjoy watching SO and Nomad machines. My wish is to buy one of them, but unfortunately this is unattainable. I am from Croatia and for my standard (nomad 883) it is 6 monthly salary. I decided to make my own nomad883. I bought used engines and some material and here after a month of work I have a machine for the first test. Here are 3 videos to see how it looks and how to make a small box of wood. I only used Carbide Create. CC is really amazing. Next a project to make toys for my kids.

Youtube video 1
Youtube video 2
Video 3 in new post (new user is limited up 2 link od post)


This is wonderful! Did you gauge everything by eye. How did you machine your parts?

Youtube video 3

Congratulations on the machine!

I am afraid that I will have to ask everyone here to take such conversations over to the other side of the house to the Shapeoko Forums:

I’m afraid the Carbide 3D community forums are limited to discussion of machines sold by Carbide 3D and projects made on such machines — the Shapeoko Forums are a bit more open by their nature.

I’ve gone ahead and approved the above post for compleatness’ sake, but I am closing this topic, and we will close any others which are created for self-made machines here — looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of the house!