My F360 Post Processor (7.0 KB)
Stock C3d/GRBL post that F360 has, and then

  1. Stop spindle BEFORE doing G28 at the end of the file
  2. Add tool description to the tool section at the top
  3. Add the min/max travels for the job to the comment section at the top

Since Carbide Motion has a “view” button after you load a job, and I have a touchscreen, no keyboard, this was a nice way to be able to view it, then close out after. And then hopefully I won’t ruin my T-Track again :slight_smile:

(  vendor: Carbide 3D)
(  model: XL)
(  description: Shapeoko Pro)
(T140 2-flute Ball Endmill D=6.35 CR=3.175 - ZMIN=-8.9 - ball end mill)
(T180 2-flute Ball Endmill D=3.175 CR=1.587 - ZMIN=-9.4 - ball end mill)
(WCS: 0
 Xmin: 17.915 Xmax: 98.701
 Ymin: 9.829 Ymax: 227.886
 Zmin: -9.4 Zmax: 15

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