My first 2 successful projects

Issues aside with Carbide Motion I was able to complete 2 projects successfully with Carbide Create and Carbide Motion being used together though I may scrap Carbide Motion. First image is using CC Pro beta for 3D and the second was standard pocketing for a whiskey decanter tray for epoxy inlay.


Well done !
That epoxy looks great, is it a special recipe of yours? what kind of pigments/particles did you mix in there ?

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Stone Coat Countertops epoxy I had left over from a project. It’s nice as its a 1 to 1 mix. I used some blue leftover metallic dust from the same project. Thanks for the kudos Julien!


Wow @Fochops that is very cool, did you do the inlay then once the epoxy had set you machined the bottle & glass pockets? The design is very cool. Man that epoxy pops!

Yes, I did the air force inlay and tray cutout first then applied the epoxy. Once the epoxy cured I went back and machined the circles last. Went pretty well! Thanks stutaylo!


Aim High. Very nice. I got a Woodcraft catalog today that is about Alumnite and coloring media for it. The catalog is not a tutorial but I have seen several articles about filling in wood defects with epoxy and alumnite and other resins with various powders and colorants.

Nice work and a great subject.

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Thank you so much for the kudos. I usually use epoxy and black dye to fill knot holes and it makes a nice finished product. You can mill through it too without blowing out the knot. It’s great stuff to work with.