My first attempt at making a sign

I was able to “print” the Hello World successfully and finally figured out how to begin in Carbide create.

So this was my first attempt at making a simple sign. Notice the spacing between the B and the first O. I’m not sure how that happened, any ideas?

Does that match the preview? Post the .c2d file?

Unfortunately, despite my arguing for it, there are no real controls for type spacing in CC — if you want nice typography, set the type in Inkscape or some other vector drawing program which affords more control. (Anyone remember the old days when one would set heads in MacDraw and import them into your page layout program 'cause the early versions just didn’t afford sufficient control over character spacing? I really miss…)

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Boston Sign Create.c2d (4.5 KB)

The preview spacing is correct.

In that case the problem should be electro-mechanical

Check belt-tension, pulley set screws, &c

I’m new to this and had that problem with the Z axis, I will have to do the same with X & Y. Thanks for the advice and patience.

Try “Philadelphia”, “Eagles” or “Phillies”… it might work better then… :wink:

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That’s funny. I live in the Metro Detroit area so I’ve suffered since 1957 with the Lions. But Boston, hell no. Eagles maybe.

This is for a friend who wants me to duplicate the M.A.S.H. sign post with the various city names, I started with Boston.

Simple things like that, f-engrave is easy because you can change the spacing (9%) works well for me…

OK, I’ll have to throw this into the ring…

Made with V-Carve Pro tho…

Nice and you have a great Michigan quarterback.

Great machine work, looks a little flat tho… :grin:

Beat me to it !!! HEHE

Rimshot :grin:- Can’t complain tho! Looking forward to tomorrow @steelers - I’ll just start a long 3D carve job and stream the game…


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